WELCOME TO THE DEGRASSI FANON WIKI. ( This wiki was designed for one purpose and that purpose is to help those fans of Degrassi with wild imaginations )


The Main Page : The main page of your fanon must be detailed to a certain point and it must contain all of the following items, so people can better understand it.

- Infobox.

- Gallery of the Characters.

- Episode List.

Character Pages : If you want, you can just create character pages, just make sure to fill out the infobox for the characters and also make sure to add the following information.

- Character Background Information.

- Season(s).

- Quotes.

- Relationship(s).

So now that you know the basics you can officially get started, also if you just want to do an episode or a season just make sure to add infoboxes and more information, it helps people understand it better. I can't wait to see what some people come up with, I will be working with my own little fanon and I will be going all the way with it, it will be titled Class of 2012 and it will jump into the college years of the graduating seniors of Degrassi during that time.